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Hamilton's New Old Fashioned Deli! Kosher Style Sandwiches Piled High!
Great Quality & Great Quantity!

Going back to the basics and reviving a tradition  .....

What tradition is that?   Well, the Hamilton of yester-year had many places to get a great sandwich.  And when we say a great sandwich, we mean a GREAT SANDWICH.  You know, the kind that is stacked high with mouth watering steamed meat, and spiced with enough kick that you need a shot of hot mustard to cool it down. 

We should know, since the Waxman family has been a part of Hamilton since the 40's, and a part of the GREAT SANDWICH tradition. Our cousins ran The York Delicatessen in the 50's and Al's Place in the 60's.  It was a time when you didn't need to go to Montreal to get a quality smoked meat sandwich, piled so high that you had to struggle to finish your pickle (but finish it you always did).

Now, Steven Waxman and family are bringing the old school tradition back to Hamilton with Waxy's On Wheels.  A Kosher Style Deli that serves hot and fresh smoked meat, corned beef and pastrami, and much much more, steamed and spiced. 

Come on in, and try one for yourself.  We're sure you'll be back for more.  And more.  And more!